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Play time with Tie Dyes

Play time with Tie Dyes


It seemed like a complete disaster. Stuck at home without a car, I had planned to play with fiber reactive dyes and try out some tie dye and overdying some old clothes. It was an awesome day out. I was on the porch spread out and where I could make a bit of a mess. While rinsing out an overdyed skirt in the sink, I accidentally overflowed the sink and got water everywhere. Like minor flooding in…

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Just Do The Work

Just Do The Work

Last week I was completely bitch slapped by my own advice. Ouch. Head in the sand, I have been deep in the numbers and development plans of my fiber art business. And I was feeling so stuck.


Part of the planning was looking at how I spent my time in relationship to doing what I resonate with. It was not pretty. For months I have felt like I was on a hamster wheel and not feeling I was really…

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